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Lauren Yoshida
3 min readNov 7, 2017
Peter Diamandis Exponentials and Road to Abundance

Singularity University hosted their first Summit outside of Canada, which I got an opportunity to attend. I recently became a part of The Knowledge Society, a innovation program for high school students, who got us sponsored by Google for the tickets. Among the speaker, the attendees and other TKS students, I had a great experience.

These two days brought me knowledge about the future of citizenship, health, energy and prosperity. We learned about the future of robots and why they will be human like. Another of talk I really enjoyed was Amin Toufani who talked about Exonomic (exponential economics) and AQ (adaptive quotient), both where I knew nothing before this summit. Stem (science, technology, engineering and math) vs. Steam (science, technology, engineering, art and math) is another emerging topic that school should be looking more into. Ramez Naam taught me so much about our future of energy and loved how he used data to represent everything which I loved. And the list goes on of the talks I enjoyed.

My Key Takeaways

Throughout the summit I learned a lot, anything from exonomics to the future of a lot But there were some key things that really resonated with me.

Network, Network, Network

Don’t be afraid of meeting new people, there are so many interesting and accomplished people attending conferences. It may require you to go out of your comfort zone but it will greater benefit you, meeting new people and expanding your network is key.

Talking to Key note speaker Amin Toufani with TKS students

Be willing to take risks

Throughout the conference, many speakers told us they would not be where there are now without taking risks. Taking risks whether you fail or succeed with your idea/research. There are lessons and learning points in whichever journey you take.

Change Yourself and Unlearn

Our world is growing exponentially and you want to be an exponential leader. It’s sad but true that unlearning and changing our mindset is essential to help with the exponential growth and leaders. With this change we are going to need to have a high AQ (Adaptability Quotient) which will be more important than IQ or EQ.

Don’t think 10%, think 10x

We need to keep up with the exponential growth in our world. Most people think linearly 10% better than what's already out there but for you to make a change you have to be thinking 10x.

“The day before something is a breakthrough, it’s a crazy idea.” ~Peter Diamandis

Those ideas that are 10x better are perceived as impossible but because our world growing exponentially.

Get ready for this change and be apart of making our world into a whole new one because anything is possible.

“When I typed impossible into my phone it auto corrected to I’m possible”~Amin Toufani



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